Medical Billing & Coding Medical Career Training Certification

Medical Billing Certification Training in San Jose

Now offered in an online-hybrid format!

Now is a great time to consider beginning a career as a Medical Biller, Coder, or Office Specialist! The Healthcare industry is booming and as the American healthcare system modernizes, there is an increased focus on health data and the digitization of medical records. As a result, there is an increased demand for skilled billing and coding specialists. If you are organized, detail-oriented, and interested in a career in the medical field, then a career as a Medical Biller, Coder, or Office Specialist may be the right choice for you!

What does a Medical Coder/Biller/Office Specialist do?

Medical Billers, Coders, and Office Specialists are the healthcare professionals responsible for many important tasks in the medical office. Medical Coders and Billers work hand in hand to translate healthcare services rendered into requests for payment from insurance companies. First, a Medical Coder codes individual patient services and diagnoses, then a Medical Biller uses those codes to request payment from the patient’s insurance company. Together, these two positions perform a vital administrative task of healthcare, freeing doctors and other medical staff to provide care to patients.

Why train to be a Medical Coder/Biller/Office Specialist at IBT?

IBT offers an online-hybrid format for the Medical Biller/Coder/Office Assistant program, combining online courses with on-campus training and support. Taught by a staff of professionals, students learn the skills they need to enter into a variety of entry-level positions in this rewarding healthcare field. IBT students learn comprehensive medical coding and billing procedures, current medical software and trends in the insurance industry. Students learn medical terminology, medical billing software, and how to prepare and file insurance claims and analyze benefits. IBT’s program provides hands-on training to prepare graduates with the training that is needed to enter into entry-level medical careers a Medical Biller, Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Insurance Specialist, Medical Coder, Medical Records Clerk, Hospital Admitting Clerk, and/or a Medical Administrative Assistant.